How To Make A Meme Video Using Your Smartphone?

It's 2019, everyone loves sharing funny internet memes to their friends or family to spread love and happiness. Not everyone gets every single memes they see on the internet without proper knowledge on the background.

But on other side. This rising trend of memes just created an another big market for influencers and businesses to build a targeted audience by creating contents related to it.

There are thousands of meme accounts you see of different social media giants like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. From those thousands so many accounts have more than 10k accounts with more than 10% engagement rate. Which shows how targeted the audience is.

What they post?

Some post original memes. But majority just repost contents. While reposting content by giving credit to original creator isn't bad. But still some are against it. Anyways, that's how memes get famous and viral. But if you are thinking about reposting without giving credits, then that's just bad. Kind of like stealing other people's work.

Some meme accounts post meme images and some post meme videos.

While both get good amount of engagement depending on the meme. But video is kinda all rounder (shareable on youtube, facebook, instagram or twitter etc..) and gives better reach.

It's a good idea to combine both videos and images and test what works better.

For creating photo based memes, there are already so many meme generators app on the internet. But for videos, it's not that easy..


How To Make A Meme Video?

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Now let's talk about the method to make a meme video on your android or ios device for free..

Step #1 - Installing InShot app on your smartphone

InShot video editor app is now available on both ios and android platform. So you don't have to worry about what operating system you are using in your smartphone. Also I hope you are not using windows operating system lol.

Download InShot on PlayStore here.

Download InShot on AppStore here.

( I hope you know how to install an app on phone. jk)

Step #2 - Open The App

You knew that.

Step #3 - Tap on Create New Video Option

When you open you'll bunch of options in a white round cornered block. Under create new heading you'll see a video icon. Just tap on it.

Step #4 - Select The Stock Video